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The Apollo Trailfinder highly sought after by our clients and booked out early most seasons

What we suggest to also bring on a 4wd camper hire road trip in outback Australia

Your Documents
• Booked and paid E-Ticket
• Copy of your travel documents

• Soft luggage as it bends with the luggage storage area to some degree as hard suitcase don't. Yes we know the hard suitcase is more secure and in theory more weather proof.
• Trying to load 5 suitcases in or on a Landcruiser is difficult. If your doing a loop trip like Darwin to Darwin check in advance if your hotel will store excess luggage and relocate what you need for the trip to soft luggage.

Typical Tour and Camp Stuff
• Sturdy walking shoes
• Cap and wide brimmed hat | Really obvious but don’t forget it. A baseball cap doesn’t do the job in hot conditions and if it is really hot you need ventilation to keep your head cool so go for a wide-brim version
• Sunscreen, sunglasses and toiletries
• A beach towel and swimming gear
• Warm clothing in winter and cooll clothing in the Top End Dry and Wet Season
• Personal water bottle (1.5L)
• Torch - try to get one that's reasonably powerful but has a long light life
• Insect repellent and for Central Australia a flynet for over your face commonly sold in Alice Springs. Having a couple of different brands is a good idea as some work better than others in different conditions
• Camera and batteries or charger.

• Chamois-type synthetic towel as a compact back up to a normal one
• Head torch with plenty of batteries
• Small hand torch for when you don’t want/need your head torch

• Pocket knife or multi-tool. A Swiss Army style one or Leatherman multi-tool is also handy
• Camelbak for water. It’s a good idea for someone to carry a cup as this helps you fill up from small Springs where the water may only be dripping

•Small tarp. This has a lot of uses. Keeping things clean when you are folding them on the ground for a start
•Don’t underdo the toilet paper. Get what you think you'll need and double it and you’ll be closer to the mark. No one wants to run out

Warm clothing in winter and cool clothing in the Top End Dry and Wet Season
Clothes Tip:
• Synthetic fabrics or merino wool wick sweat away and dry faster than cotton. Bamboo is a natural alternative. ( Rose outr bookkeeper will only wear bamboo socks she says they are so comfortable)
• If you are intending to walk any distance, make sure your boots are worn in and will not give you blisters
• Thongs (jandals) are handy around camp, as are an old pair of runners for walking on rocks at the beach and in the water
• Bring a pair of gaiters/leggings. These will help to protect your legs below the knee from getting scratched by the bush and against the unlikely, but potentially serious, event of a snake bite Have a light water-resistant jacket as well as a full-weight
• Goretex rain jacket ( for cold weather egions of Australia in the winter months June-Sept)

Equipment To Consider
• Insect-proof tent. You don’t need this everywhere but it is a guarantee of a fly-free meal or rest when you need it
• 12v compressor. If you are going on an extended trip and need to let down the tyres a small compressor is a good idea. If DArwin see TJM on the Stuart Highway
• A puncture repair bottle. Just put the bottle on the valve and this will seal many punctures without you having to change the tyre (suggest a few but keep in a coll spot in the back)
• Esky. (Cool Box) Air gap types will keep ice for several days so this is a great back-up to the fridge that is provided if you want a bit more capacity
• Thin nylon line (say 30 metres). This is handy to have for all sorts of reasons, for example as a clothesline
• If you can cook on a fire, an additional pot or two for this is useful. You might even consider a camp oven

• To reduce volume and weight, snap-top bags are great to hold food where you don’t need the whole pack
• It’s worthwhile buying some small containers at an outdoor shop to hold things like olive oil, powdered milk and sugar, as these are robust and easier to handle cleanly
• Always have some food as a reserve that cannot be affected by heat or go off, for example freeze-dried or canned, as part of your back-up supplies

Washing up
• A long-handled washing scrubber will allow you to wash crockery in hot water without burning yourself
• You don’t need much detergent so this can go in a space-saving smaller bottle •Don’t forget a few tea towels

Rob's Suggestion
• Rob's suggestion shoes laces (ever tried to buy them in the remote outback)
• Rob's suggestion long and short cable ties about 10 of each (don't ask why just thank me later)
• Rob's suggestion largest sealable sandwich bags about 10
• Rob's suggestion black electrical tape
• Rob's suggestion (new haha) fishing line (a 101 reasons)
• Rob's suggestion (from experience) a water proof waist poch for keys and wallet attached somehow to you clothes.
• Rob's suggestion (from experience) a telecopic stick with a small strong magnet on it for ehn you drop a sinker, fishing lure or keys in the water. I usually attached the fishing line to it so it can sink deeper into the water.
• Rob's suggestion (from experience) binoculars for reptiles such as the frilled neck lizard.
• Rob's suggestion (from experience) a foamed waterproof (not resistent) camera carry bag.
• GPS and Sat Phone - It's a personal choice.
• Walkie Talkie - I used to also own a electronics retail store in Darwin and found walkie Talkies in Ironstone country is short range and line of sight ONLY.
• Buy a super cheap foam esky and look for those 3 very small icebricks red,gree,blue AUD$20 for 3. Try woolworth's that's where I got ours and this is where we put our drinks and snaks. The less you open the fridge the better.
• I found if you drive cruising 3 hours it charged the 32L Engel 67% (not just engine on that's a different ratio charge)

Customer feed Back from 2008
• We had a fantastic client from the UK she said I should suggets to no other way to put it but as she put it (as I'm large myself) 'large folks' may have a leg problem in the tropics say around September with their feet swelling a bit from walks in the Kimberley and tropical weather.
• Sunscreen. A must and plenty of it; SPF 50+ is best
• Vaseline or water-based lubricant for chafing. When you get into hot conditions, sweating can be so painful that you will no longer be able to walk comfortably. The application of a lubricant of some type will stop this becoming a problem

Flameer Foldable Sink Wash Basin Washbasin Bucket Camping Water Pot Bag 8L Orange | Credits Lazada

• Also some 'Deep Heat' as refer to a product in OZ that helps with bone joints like knees from long walks
• Another client suggested if your prone to the slightest rash buy some 'Heat rash' cream before you go. (the humidty we found ourselves starts to slightly crawl into the Top End around early to mid September.

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